Friday, March 14, 2014

KLAXON - s/t 7"EP to come out in April on the 30th anniversary of its release!!!

Here´s No Plan Records release number four. KLAXON - s/t 7"EP, released back in 1984 by these three kids from Rome on their own Klaxon Records.
The band formed back in 1979 under a different name and during the early years released this debut 7". One year later, one of their songs was included on Quelli Che Urlano Ancora LP, one of the best punk rock/oi compilations made in Italy. However, that same year the group disbanded. The drummer played for a while with Underground Arrows while the other two joined Garcon Fatal. Still, about 10 years later the band reformed again and is nowadays playing live and recording.
This 7" represents arguably their best material. Five punk rock songs with great melodies and sang both in English and Italian. The original 7" has reached the price of about 100 euros for a copy and we´re extremely happy to bring this 7" out again together with the band.
We´ll be pressing 450 copies on black vinyl and 50 copies on color. You can preorder your copy for 5 euros (+ postage) for the black vinyl or 8 euros (+ postage) for the color vinyl here .

You can listen to one of the songs from this EP here: NO PLAN Records

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