Wednesday, February 5, 2014

NAPRED U PROSLOST - 1985 7" out on NO PLAN Records!

The third release on NO PLAN records is this amazing 7" by a cult 80s punk/HC band from Yugoslavia called NAPRED U PROSLOST. It's a 6 song EP that will seriously blow your mind! One of the most obscure Yugoslav HC/Punk bands from the 80s and 90s retained a cult status throughout their career despite releasing 10 (!!!) albums. One of the biggest reasons for this was lack of touring as they only twice (!!!) played outside the borders of their own country: in Poland and Hungary. These 6 tracks come from their first two unreleased demos and is arguably their best material. Excellent HC/punk with by far the best lyric content that could be found in HC/punk songs!
Recorded in 1985, these songs finally see the light of day on this amazing record.
There are 300 copies on black vinyl and a limited "Septic" edition of 50 on silver vinyl.
You can order your copy for 5 euros (+ postage) for the black vinyl or 8 euros (+ postage) for the silver vinyl here. It´s selling like hot cakes, so get your copy while we still have some!

And if you´re curious what it all sounds like, here you can hear a couple of songs from this six track EP: NO PLAN Records

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