Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The second EP for NAPRED U PROSLOST on No Plan Records!!!

On the 1st of May we´re releasing the second 7"EP by Napred U Proslost titled "Komunizam".
Following the highly acclaimed first EP named "1985" after the year those recordings were made, we are putting out the second EP containing songs from their second, third and fourth demo tape recorded in 1985 and 1986. Great raw, poignant, sincere HC/Punk from rural ex-Yugoslavia. It´s one of the best hidden secrets from the 80s HC/Punk scene in ex-YU and we´re finally doing justice to these incredible songs never released on vinyl before. Here´s how MRR described their first EP: "Wow! What a record! This is a real diamond in the rough... Something about these compositions screams discontent and revolution....More please!"
We are pressing 300 copies on black and 50 copies on red vinyl. You can preorder these for 5 euros a piece (black vinyl) or 8 euros a piece (red vinyl) here.

 Listen to a couple of songs from the 7" here: NO PLAN Records.


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