Saturday, April 24, 2021

GODHEAD - New Lottery 7"EP out with a lot of extras!

After Artistic Decline, another band from Los Angeles on No Plan records. These guys were active between 1981 and 1982. The band released the original New Lottery 7" on Bemisbrain records famous for releasing Modern Warfare releases as well as Hell Comes To Your House compilation albums. The band recorded another song intended for another release, but it never came out, so we included it on this 7". You can also find an essay on the band and the LA punk scene of the day, band photos, flyers and lyrics, all that as part of a 12 page booklet! Great tuneful punk rock classic that you can hear at the link below. 300 copies on black, 50 on red. Get your copy from

Saturday, April 17, 2021

ARTISTIC DECLINE - Random Violence LP Reissue of this Los Angeles punk classic is available now!

 The latest on No Plan Records is the reissue of ARTISTIC DECLINE´s one and only LP "Random Violence" released in 1987. This is a huge album; 26 songs ranging from 23 seconds to just under 3 minutes. In addition to the original collage of photos, the foldout 4-page insert contains all the lyrics, the band´s story told by their guitar player and additional photos and gig flyers. All in all, lots of stuff to keep you busy phonically and visually.

Artistic Decline, 1982-1987, was a Los Angeles band that debuted with the highly coveted 7" Andy Warhol in 1983 on New Underground records. The album that followed was 4 years in the making and when it finally came out in 1987 it contained 26(!!!) songs. Artistic Decline, loved by FLipside, MRR and Jello Biafra, had a varied sound that spaced from mid tempo punk to fast hardcore, but never generic and always superbly performed. Closest comparisons that come to mind would be Circle Jerks, Minutemen, Adolescents, Code Of Honor... 300 copies on black vinyl, 50 on blue. As usual, you can order a copy while they last at:

IN THE PIT - Photobook by Alison Braun in its second edition!

 Just 3 months after publishing In The Pit, the amazing photobook by Alison Braun, we´re already at the second edition! The first print run sold out before the book even hit our headquarters, so we immediately started working on second, improved, edition. Differently from the first, the second edition has 88 pages and 3 more photos compared to the first edition: 2 x Discharge and 1 x Black Flag. It also comes on heavier, coated paper, with a laminated dust sleeve. 

Just like the first edition, the first 100 copies are numbered and come with an extra book-sized print you may want to frame, if you wish. The bands to choose from: Bad Brains, Battallion Of Saints, Black Flag, Christian Death, Circle Jerks, Damned, DOA, Exploited, Sick Of It All and TSOL. Some of these have already sold out, so hurry up if you´re interested in an extra photo. You can get one here:

A little more information about the book. Hardcover, black and white photography, 88 pages, comes with the dust sleeve. One of the best Punk/HC photographer of the 80s, Alison Braun, in this book portrays every imaginable underground band that played in Los Angeles at some point. From local heroes like Bad Religion, Social Distortion, TSOL, Dr. Know, Fear, Suicidal Tendencies,... to well known acts coming through town like Ramones, Misfits, Bad Brains, Discharge, Dead Kennedys, Adicts, Exploited, GBH, 7 Seconds, Agnostic Front,... to the whole bunch of smaller California bands like Sin 34, Aggression, Stalag 13, Channel 3, Batallion Of Saints, Youth Brigade, Shattered Faith,... you find it all here.  

                     Click the below image for a short video.



Saturday, September 12, 2020

AKUTT-80 - s/t - 7"EP is coming out next week!

 Formed in 1978 in Kongsvinger, Norway under the name Vicious Kids and later Riot, before settling for Akutt 80. The three kids aged 15, 17 and 18 found the vocalist in summer 1979 and quickly recorded a handful of songs at their bass player´s place, using the staircase as the vocal booth. His grandma, who was at home while the recording took place, did not like the vocals on “Prostituert” (Prostitute) and asked the boys to be more quiet, which can actually be heard on the recording. 4 songs of mid tempo punk rock with one reggae influenced song that you could expect from 4 teenage boys back in 1979. This EP (originally released in 1981) has become a classic that is sold at very high prices also because it´s believed that the band made a fire and destroyed a lot of the records that didn´t sell right away.

One of the rarest punk rock EPs from Norway is finally seeing the reissue with an extra insert containing the band´s history. 300 copies on black vinyl, 50 on dark red. You can order it from 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

LINK LÄRM - Troppo Presto... ...O Troppo Tardi? LP

Out on 20th of September the discography of Link Lärm entitled "Troppo Presto... ...O Troppo Tardi?". Italian hc/punk band active 1983-1986. Played with Impact, Wretched, Indigesti, Peggio Punx, Anti-Sect, No Pigs, Varukers,... In their time they released an 11 track demo tape and had 4 songs on the compilation LP "Sutura Eterna" (together with Disper-Azione, Antisbarco and Midgard). Three of them then formed Contropotere together with 2 ex members of Elettrocrazia (from Naples). This is the discography album that includes the demo (11 songs), the 4 tracks from the Sutura Eterna compilation LP and 3 more tracks from the same session that were not included on the LP. Comes with a 6 page foldout insert containing band history, photos, lyrics, gig flyers and more. Musically Link Lärm were different from what was going around in Italy in those years and profoundly different from Contropotere that came later. Frequent rhythm changes, from mid tempo to fast, accompanied by devilish vocals spouting caustic denunciation of the political and social issues of the time and pungent guitarwork reminiscing of early Black Flag works, although on the whole I´d say Link Lärm owe more musically to Dead Kennedys than to Black Flag. Add to the mix some 80s Italian hc/punk flavor (Impact, Upset Noise, Eu´s Arse,...) and you probably get an idea what Link Lärm sounded like. 

18 song LP that can be ordered from . There are 200 copies on black vinyl and 50 on dark red one. Below is a video with one of the songs from the album, Hiroshima, done by Matteo.

Friday, September 13, 2019

RAPPRESAGLIA - Danza Di Guerra 7"EP Out now!

Rappresaglia started their story back in 1982 with their furious hardcore made in Italy (perhaps you remember the song Attack from a number of compilations back in the early 80s). By 1984 when their first 7" (this one) came out, they had found their style which, although it owed a lot to the Italian style HC that in those years started conquering the world, showed a slower and more melodic side to Rappresaglia. If you look at the Italian HC/Punk scene of the time, you could find certain similarities with bands like Bloody Riot, Stigmathe, Fall Out,...4 crude, direct, tuneful Punk anthems that stand the test of time. Edition of 300 on black vinyl, 50 on green! You can order it at or at 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


The jubilar 20th release for No Plan Records is nothing less than the impossible to find first 7"EP by the Darlington´s Last Rough Cause. The band´s debut 7" is now available for the first time since 1985. You probably remember them from the Skins´N´Punks split LP. Well, these here were the band´s first songs on vinyl. Classic UK street punk that packs a punch and carries a lot of melody. Think The Crack meets Red Alert meets Stiff Little Fingers. 300 copies on black and 50 on blue. There´s a very limited amount left, so better get in touch quickly at or order them from Here´s one of their songs to give you an idea: