Wednesday, December 14, 2022

LACK OF KNOWLEDGE - The Uninvited / Ritual / The Men - 7"EP is being released today!!!

Formed in 1978 in London, Lack Of Knowledge was a band you could hardly pigeonhole and lump with a certain scene. They shared bills with punk rock bands, anarcho punk bands, post-punk bands,... Their quirkiness might remind you of Wire or Television Personalities perhaps. This is their very first single, the one that got them on Crass records, originally self-released and packed in A4 comic bags. 

This reissue adds the original B side which was never released on vinyl, but scratched in the early stages for another song. Packed in a tri-fold cover, this is a very limited reissue of 100 copies on clear vinyl, 100 on white and 100 on black, all hand numbered and stamped.

Below you can check the title track:

All three versions can be ordered from while supply lasts.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

JERRY´S KIDZ - Well Fed Society 7"EP out now!!!

Mid 80s was a very exciting time for the US hardcore. Following in the footsteps of Minor Threat, Necros, 7 Seconds, MDC, Zero Boys,... hundreds of Hardcore Punk bands sprawled all over the US. Every city had a scene, or at least a band you could identify that city with. Phoenix had JFA, Boise had Septic Death, Tulsa had NOTA, Raleigh had Corrosion Of Conformity, Dayton had Toxic Reasons,... In Albuquerque, New Mexico there were Jerry´s Kidz.

This skate punk band played so fast, as if their lives depended on it! 

Well Fed Society is a 5 song banger that packs a punch and travels at 100 mph, slowing down just enough to be able to attack you again with a new barrage. Musically, this would be down the alley for fans of Minor Threat, Stalag 13, Zero Boys, Circle Jerks,... It´s fast but melodic, well written and even better played. This truly is a mid 80s US hardcore classic!

You can preorder black or red vinyl here:

Sunday, November 6, 2022

POLITICAL ASYLUM - "Fresh Hate" 1983 demo now available on vinyl!

Political Asylum from Stirling, Scotland started out in 1982. After just a handful of shows, in 1983 they entered a studio to record 14 songs for their first demo. Some of these songs, like Winter Of Our Discontent, System Of War and Do They Care, got rerecorded and released on their first 7" Winter (1985). Disarm Or Die was included on Window On The World LP (1990). The rest of the songs never ended up on vinyl, until now. 

This is their earliest studio material when they were still a trio. It´s rough, sincere and full of youthful energy, since everyone in the band was still a teenager back in the day. Taken from the original tapes courtesy of Steve Brown and remastered for vinyl. Almost 50 minutes music, including some of their very favourites. 

Political Asylum was part of the burgeoning Anarcho Punk scene of the early 80s, but musically forged their own identity with very melodic style, intricate guitar work and tuneful singing. In the sea of black leather jackets and grim visions of the future, Political Asylum brought both melody and melancholy into the scene, while their lyrics took a distinct anti military stance and disassociated from the mainstream political thought of the time. The band would carry on well into the 90s, but that´s story for another release.

The record comes in a double sided printed cover with a full-sized 4 page insert with lyrics, photos and flyers, plus a postcard. Available on black vinyl and limited red vinyl from

Friday, July 15, 2022

UPSIDE - s/t LP just out on No Plan Records!

Upside is a legendary hardcore/punk band from Sassuolo near Modena (Italy) that started in early 80s and is still performing to this day. They were part of the scene that gave us bands like Stigmathe, Raw Power, Nabat, Dioxina, Cani, No Jap, Hydra, Stalag 17, RAF Punk,... In 1983 they debuted on vinyl with Nati Per Soffrire 7" but even before that they recorded the first demo tape with great songs that never came out elsewhere. Political punk verging on hardcore tinged with dark overtones, both musically and lyrically. Very critical, almost apocalyptic lyrics about the society. Their music influences seem to merge early UK 82 stuff with Italian HC/Punk of the time as well as 80s Finnish HC, although not as fast as most of their Scandinavian counterparts. If you liked the recent Link Lärm LP on No Plan records, this could be something for you as well. 


This LP gathers 10 songs (plus a hidden track) from the 1981 demo, remastered, for the first time on vinyl.  Comes with a foldout 12" insert with band photos, lyrics, flyers and band´s history in a deluxe 350 gr laminated cover printed on both sides. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

BLACK EASTER - Ready To Rot 7" out in June on No Plan Records!

That´s right, the sought after Ready To Rot EP is finally seeing the light of the day with the original artwork and additional foldout insert with band´s history, photos, lyrics and flyers.

Excellent mid 80s punk 7". The band formed in early 1982. They supported bands such as Subhumans Flux Of Pink Indians and Cult Maniax as well as hiring out local halls etc for gigs. They recorded a few Demos but only released the Ready To Rot Ep. After a few member changes they changed the name to  Spiketeam in 1985.

This is their only record, originally released in 1982 on Illuminated records and now reissued on No Plan records.There will be two editions available. The regular one on black vinyl and the limited edition on orange. Both are available for preorders at The record ships on 10th of June.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

IN THE PIT photobook by Alison Braun - third edition coming up in two weeks!

Great news!!! One year after publishing In The Pit by Alison Braun, we´re already doing the third edition! The first two print runs are sold out (there are perhaps 4 or 5 copies of the second edition still available) so here´s the third edition. What´s new?

Similarly to the second edition, the third edition comes on heavy, 150 gr coated paper, with a laminated dust sleeve. In addition, there are about 20 new photos including the likes of Dag Nasty, SNFU, Agnostic Front, Minutemen, Slayer, MDC, Corrosion Of Conformity, Scream, Lewd, Dr. Know, Discharge, Butthole Surfers,... Hard cover, 100 pages, weighs almost a kilo!

Just like with the first two editions, the first 100 copies are numbered and come with an extra book-sized print you may want to frame, if you wish. The bands to choose from: Adolescents, RKL, Suicidal Tendencies, GBH, Scream, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, JFA, Broken Bones, Angry Samoans and Redd Kross. You can get one here: 

About the book. Hardcover, black and white photography, 100 pages, comes with the dust sleeve. One of the best Punk/HC photographer of the 80s, Alison Braun, in this book portrays every imaginable underground band that played in Los Angeles at some point. From local heroes like Bad Religion, Social Distortion, TSOL, Dr. Know, Fear, Suicidal Tendencies,... to well known acts coming through town like Ramones, Misfits, Bad Brains, Discharge, Dead Kennedys, Adicts, Exploited, GBH, 7 Seconds, Agnostic Front,... to the whole bunch of smaller California bands like Sin 34, Aggression, Stalag 13, Channel 3, Batallion Of Saints, Youth Brigade, Shattered Faith,... you find it all here.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

BARBIE ARMY - Barbies Don´t Bleed (Retrospective 1986-1990) coming out on 1st of April!!!

We have some of the most exciting news this year to tell you. On 1st of April BARBIE ARMY - "Barbies Don´t Bleed" (Retrospective 1986-1990) is finally coming out. The wait is over! Stay tuned for the announcement of their reunion show in Chicago in May! Here´s the first song from their discography album that you can preorder at

Back in 1986 Barbie Army was making its first steps on Chicago underground scene. At all times an all-girl band, Barbie Army was a wild, loud and defiant bunch of damsels that honed their skills playing both DIY punk venues as well as the Chicago Blues circuit. Featured in Maximumrocknroll in 1987, Barbie Army was able to merge influences ranging from female doo wop bands to punk´n´roll bands like X to punk bands of pop sensibilities like the Fastbacks, and they made that style their own. 19 songs, that obviously could not fit just an LP, is their whole discography. Comes with an 8 page full-sized booklet and an extra 7" with its own cover. 250 copies on black vinyl,100 on red vinyl. The limited edition on red vinyl comes with one of the 4 different 7" covers, one for each band member.