Thursday, March 16, 2017

UPSET NOISE - Disperazione Nevrotica - 7"EP is out!!!

Most people remember Upset Noise from their Crossover Metal/HC/Thrash phase. But in 1985 they released their first proper 7", following the split with Warfare, and it was pure Hardcore. That 7" is to this day arguably one of the top 5 eighties Italian HC records. Desperate, furious Hardcore that takes no prisoners.
I heard this 7" several years after it came out thanks to my friend and later neighbor Paolo Petralia of SOA records. I remember that "Se Ho Vinto, Se Ho Perso" by Kina just came out, so he lent me Kina cos he thought I would like it and Upset Noise cos he liked it. Needless to say, both records are amazing and very important documents of Italian 80s Hardcore. But that 7" by Upset Noise really summarized for me what Italian HC was all about. It was raw, fast, angry and desperate. And nobody could create this sound of desperation better than they could. That cutting yet melancholic guitar sound that gets covered by words that are told, shouted or screamed rather than sung: that was their trademark. That was the No Future message of the 80s Italian youth, living the urban jungle that offered a dangerous mix of political terror, nuclear menace, drugs and police oppression. Upset Noise said it all here on this 7". 9 songs that every italian 80s HC/Punk kid from Aosta to Catania knew and loved. I remember countless shows where kids would just start chanting "Hardcore, Hardcore sei stato il primo amore..." all of a sudden.
In the days when the original goes for over 100 euros, this reissue comes with the exact replica of the original cover and the insert. We even used the same paper to make it as much similar to the original. Don´t miss this important document of the Italian HC history!
Here´s one of the songs from the 7". NON VOGLIO:
And possibly their best known song HARDCORE:
You can order copies of the 7" from
There are 300 copies on black vinyl and 50 copies on transparent blue.

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