Friday, December 4, 2015

BEDBOYS - L´indifferenza Uccide... 7" (1985) preorders now!!!

The newest No Plan Records release is one of the most sought after records of Italian HC/Punk ever. Released in 1985, BEDBOYS´ one and only vinyl release, a self-produced seven song 7", is an amazing gem worth rediscovering.
Incredibly clever lyrics depict a gloomy picture of 80s politics: wars, weapon trafficking, ever shrinking personal freedom. The bastard son of Orwell´s 1984 and early 80s UK Anarcho Punk.
Musically, Bedboys depart from the typical Anarcho Punk musical background and merge the Italian HC/Punk like Fall Out, Eu´s Arse, Stalag 17, Stigmathe, Rappresaglia,... with overseas sound of Dead Kennedys and early Adolescents and their British contemporaries Antisect and AOA. Said that, it´s an ungrateful task to try to describe Bedboys´musical expression because they truly forged a unique sound producing one of the best 7" HC/Punk records on the Italian peninsula.
The 7" comes in the identical foldout poster sleeve and an additional insert with translations in German and English as per band´s wish.
The 7" will be available on black vinyl (of 300) for 6 euros plus the postage. Color vinyl (of 50) is 9 euros. Postage is 5 euros worldwide for 1 to 5 pieces.
The release date is the 20th of January. You can preorder the 7" either writing to or via the webstore. All the orders will ship on the 20th of January.

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