Saturday, January 3, 2015

DVA MINUTA MRZNJE and NIGHTERS out at the end of March!!!

The 2015 starts in the best possible fashion with 3 new releases! Let's start in order.
NPR07 is the one and only 7" by NIGHTERS - "Drop down Dead EP" originally released back in 1985. In the mid 80s, the torch of Punk Rock in Rome was carried by bands like Klaxon, Bloody Riot, Fun, Uniplux and Nighters. On the year of its 30th anniversary we are proud to bring back this piece of the Italian Punk history back to life. 4 tracks of great Punk Rock with slight HC influence. Here's one of the songs from the 7":
NPR08 contains the first demo tracks, recorded in January 1984 by DVA MINUTA MRZNJE from Novi Sad, ex-Yugoslavia. Dva Minuta Mrznje (Two Minutes Of Hate, notice the Orwellian reference) was a Street Punk/Oi band that existed for a couple of years during mid 80s and had pretty big following. However, despite the interest, participation on several compilation tapes and features in fanzines like Maximumrocknroll, back in the day they never managed to release anything on vinyl. These three songs from the first demo (also my favorite 2MM tunes) display some excellent tunes, great guitar work and gruff vocals that I'm sure many will appreciate. Here's their song Sudije from the 7":
NPR09 is another 7"EP for DVA MINUTA MRZNJE. This time it's their second demo, recorded in the fall 1984 in Ljubljana by Borut Cinc (Pankrti, Pekinska Patka, Prljavo Kazaliste, Niet, Treca Kategorija,...). These 4 songs saw the light of the day 11 years after when a limited edition vinyl of 100 copies came out on a Belgrade based record label. Ever since this record has reached unrealistic prices of over 200 euros. Now, finally, this record is available again with completely new graphics at working class prices.

Stay tuned for more news and info how to order these records...


  1. Any updates on these new releases?

  2. Yes. The test pressings have just arrived. Expect the records in 2 weeks. You can preorder them from

  3. awesome. just ordered the nighters. have the original pressing and love it. thanks for re-releasing it!